Pack House-Grading Hall

  • A prefabricated steel structure, based on the standard modular design.
  • The roof is made from a 3 layer reinforced fabric with a "Long Life" durability.
  • Glass wool insulation keeps the building cool during day time and warm during the night.
  • The top of each span has an open top vent to allow ventilation and light to come in.

Cold Storage

  • We custom build and design modular cold rooms with pre-engineered panels insulated with injected poly urethane (PUF) or polystyrene foam (EPS). Our designs are based on the size of the room and its operating temperature requirements. The correct panel thickness and dimension forms the integral design of the room.We bolt the panels to our structural framework of our designed pack house from outside on to the walls as well as ceiling and joints covered with a flashing. The ceiling of the pack house has aluminum cladding for better insulation and effective cooling also it acts as a rain guard over the cold-room ceiling panelsOur TEAM will guide you through the selection of the most optimum size and machine requirements for your chilling, freezing & blast freezing requirements. All our COLD ROOMS are equipped with integrated Refrigeration equipment and Electronic system designed for better storage condition control and energy savings applied for;

    Frozen Food such as Dairy, ice cream, Meat, Chicken, Processed Fish, Floriculture,  Vegetables, Fruits,  Food Processing Industry, Hotels & Restaurants, Pharmaceuticals, Retail Food & Ripening Chambers


    We use world renowned brand for all refrigeration accessories. Condensing unit from Bitzer, Copeland & other accessories from brands like Danfoss, Castle, Siemens etc.


    Doors are provided with magnetic gasket and for lower temperature below Zero heater in door gasket will be  provided


    Storage Classification:

    • Cold storage temperature : -5 celcius ~ + 10 celcius
    • Freezer storage temperature : -25 celcius ~ + 18 celcius
    • Quick frozen storage temperature: 40 celcius ~ + 18 celcius
    • The Constant temperature: Customer's request
    • Storage of produce: Customer's request


    We also provide Ripening system with emission of ethylene mixture. The apparatus can be used to increase ethylene for fruit/vegetables ripening (banana, pears, mango, tomatoes, etc.) Or fruit degreening (banana).


    Salient Features :

    • Compressor
    • High Efficiency Condenser
    • Control Panel
    • Product Cooler
    • Thermostatic Exp. Valve
    • Automatic Control of Temperature

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